Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Night Market

We went downtown to a little night market this evening. We bought some local honey for our son. He has allergies and I read that a couple of teaspoons a day of local honey will help desensitize allergies. Might help, can't hurt. That's my philosophy. I've been pretty interested lately in eating meat and milk without added growth hormones or antibiotics. There was a farmer who had eggs from free range chickens who eat bugs and grain from plants they find in their foraging. I was going to buy some of those eggs until he said that the yolks were really bright yellow because they were fertilized eggs. Oh no! Too much information there. I'm not sure why that made a difference to me. I eat chicken and steak so rare it's practically mooing. But I could not go back and buy those eggs. Maybe I'll get over it. If only he hadn't told me...
 Fresh flowers and produce from the farmer's market.

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