Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Go Towards the Light

I love this photo. My sister thinks morning glories are weeds but I sowed the seeds into a big pot on my porch and used the trellis I got for Christmas to support them and water them faithfully. The color alone makes me happy. I guess the difference between a weed and not a weed is love. I love them. But what I was going to say is that I wonder if this little ant  (see him in there?) is hearing in his head, "Go Towards the Light." Is he having a near death experience? Given the length of an ants life I would have to say, probably... As for the morning glory, it is having a near death experience for sure, but I love it even in this phase. Though it is old and almost gone (hours away from the end), it has a different kind of beauty. I love how it is folding in on itself and displaying a side of itself most of us haven't noticed until now, its once hidden stripes.


Anonymous said...

I love your ponderings and observations! It is indeed a beautiful FLOWER!

Thanks for the beautiful photo.


Anonymous said...

Your sister must be a country hick or from Utah :)

Love David

Becky said...


We do, indeed, think alike! I love Morning Glories, especially the blue ones! Part of the reason is because they have no discernable scent to my frangrance-allergic sinuses. Because of that, we have three vines growing in our bathroom. We're trying to repeat a success of about ten years ago. The house we were in at that time had a kitchen with four large windows. It was autumn and I was feeling drab about the approaching winter, so gave a shot at starting morning glories in a pot, indoors. The couple of seeds we planted took off. Come December and January, it was white outside, but we had blue crawling up the walls and across the ceiling! (the kitchen had huge beams going across) It was glorious!
We're in a different place, now. There are plenty of windows, but none of them get much direct light at all. :-\ Three scrawny vines are making their way up the string and stick we have set up in front of the window....we'll just have to wait and see.
In the case of morning glories ~ I've heard that in states like Florida, where it's wet and warm, they are weeds because they grow quickly and tend to choke out other growth....
You put it well: "One man's weed..." ;-)