Friday, September 4, 2009

On Vacation

I am in Maryland. We lived here for a few years, many years ago. I made some dear friends here and love to come back to see them. We have been to Baltimore and Washington DC the last two days and today are resting and just catching up. My friend has a sweet life here. She and her husband have a lovely home on Solomons Island, in southern MD. So beautiful. Her son lives next door and her mother behind. They all get along. We spent a while today picking tomatoes from her son's plants. We don't get good ones in Florida for some reason so I have been eating them like apples with plenty of salt. Mostly over the kitchen sink.

I'll be here until next week so may not get another chance to blog, but I am having a restful time and hope to be refreshed when I get home.

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Cat Ludwig Studio said...

Bonnie, give her a hug from me. She is my older sister:) I'm jealous that you get to eat C's tomatoes. Have a wonderful time in Solomons. It is heavenly there:)