Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suffering For My Art

The weekly challenge on Flickr is "Wildflowers". Well, we have quite a few roadside wildflowers around here. So, after tennis today I'm out with my camera squatting down to get close-ups of these little beauties. All of a sudden I get this stinging on my ankle. Ants! And not only on my ankle but while I was in my squat position they marched up my tennis skirt and under and... well, you've heard the expression "ants in your pants". I'm here to testify that it does happen. I will spare you the details and a photo of my behind, covered with itchy, stingy ant bites.


Beckaroonie said...

Hi Bonnie!
(A niece has started a blog and has educated me a little about them...never went far enough before to see I could post a comment..)

OW! I was in a similiar situation once, but it never got that far.
I live about ten miles from Binghamton University. They had bought up a lot of acreage of farm land, years ago, and turned it into a nature preserve with multiple trails. One of these is called "Ant Hill" with good reason. On this particular trail, red ants have settled in...maybe something to do with it being above the pines....
At any rate, the ants hills are HUGE! The largest one was as high as my waist and an adult could lay across most of them.
This is no exaggeration. At the beginning of the trail there is a sign that warns a hiker "DO NOT STOP WALKING!"
The trail passes right next to, and inbetween hills. You are literally walking on ants as they travel back and forth between hills. As long as you keep walking, you might pick up one or two. But if you stop, you're fair game.
The one local Flickr contact I have took me up there the first time. I took my son up there to show him a couple of abandoned cars, one of which was a little off this path, but still had ant hills nearby...the ant traffic wasn't as bad.
While he was looking at the car, I saw an orange and yellow 'Indian Paintbrush'. I hadn't seen one of those since I had a house ten years ago. I had to stop and shoot! I was all too aware of the sound of thousands of ant feet!!!
But we made it through without one bite. :-D
Egads ~ what we'll do for a good picture....
(both the shot-up car & the flower are in my photostream. I'm thinking of going back up there with the autumn foliage. They'll be less active with the cooler air...maybe I can grab a shot or two)
I hope you're healing up quickly!

Bonnie said...

That is such a funny story. The photo was worth it. It is gorgeous.

Corinne Judy Smith said...

I can just imagine you jumping around, swatting your skirt! Hahah! Love the picture.

olivia said...

LOL, that sounds horrible! I'd be doing a jig on the side of the road if that happened ... ;-)

You got a wonderful macro photo out of it, though ... :-)

Mary said...

Ant Bonnie