Saturday, July 9, 2011

Recipe Review

I don't usually put recipes on here, even though I love to look at foodie sites on the web. But on the 4th of July I tried a new, so easy, so delicious recipe that I just have to share. 

Now, this looks like just a plate of fruit, right? But if you look closely you can see that there is another ingredient peeking out from underneath. One of my new favorite foods, quinoa. Technically it is a seed. It cooks quickly, like cous cous, and is delicious hot or cold, savory or sweet. It comes in a creamy white or this "red" variety that I used. And it is high in protein. Anyway, so simple. Cook your quinoa (don't be afraid). You can buy it in a box in just about any big grocery store. Follow package directions. Dress it with your favorite dressing. I used a sweetish one to go with the fruit. (And actually doubled it because I had used a big portion of quinoa).

2T maple syrup
1 t balsamic vinegar
1T lime juice
salt to taste

(optional: sliced toasted almonds, fresh spinach, feta cheese, whatever you can think of...)

Put the quinoa on your serving platter, pour the dressing over it pile on the fruit, almonds, spinach, cheese, and serve to your admiring. What is prettier than a platter of fresh fruit?

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nan said...

I love quinoa, too. I like to saute red bell pepper slices and yellow onion slices and put that and a little red wine vinegar and olive oil in the quinoa.

Love the raspberry picture. Did you take that?