Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I guess you are getting tired of postings about France. I have a years worth of photos I could post but will stop soon. Around every corner of the hill villages of Provence there are paths to take and roads to follow. I will never stop being enchanted by the possibilities that are promised by these unknown roads not traveled. They can't possibly all be followed, but they are there and I guess that has to be enough...


Paula said...

Personally, I find it difficult to grow tired of photos of France so you can post them for as long as you please as far as I'm concerned.

There's a very funny joke that Richard Belzer tells. He goes on and on about how cool and sophisticated the French are and finally he says,"In France, even the garbage men speak fluent French." That one makes me snort every time I think of it.

donna said...

Like Paula, I would never tire of photos taken in France. In fact, this time in December makes me want to grab my jacket and fly off to France.